The Fastest Way To Make 6 Figures Online

I believe that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start making money online, but do you know the fastest way to make 6 figures online? In this short post, I am going to reveal that to you.

The fastest way to make six figures is to model what is already selling well.  Just dive in and do the same things.  Sell similar products as others.  Sell what is already selling.

That is it, that is the whole secret.

Most beginners think, “It’s already been done”… or “there’s already a lot of similar products like this out there”… or “there’s too much competition”

That is stupid, you do not need to reinvent the wheel or becoming the pioneer, in my opinion until you make at least $250,000 per year, you can still be an affiliate and sell the same products as other affiliates.

How many search engines are there?  How many TV channels are there?  Heck, how many reality TV shows are there, or singing competition shows?  How many pawn shop shows or reality police shows?

How many Alaska shows are there now?  There’s like Ice Pilots, Ice Truckers, Ice Swimmers, Ice Police, Ice Hunting, Ice Survival, Ice Birds, Ice Bears, Ice everything…

So this is my advice to you, get in there and compete.  Get in there and sell.  Sell what is already selling.  Do not try to invent something, model others.  Sell what they are selling.

Just add your own USP (unique selling proposition).  Add in your own angle.  This is key.  If you see a lot of people are making money by promoting Clickfunnels, then sell Clickfunnels but with a unique twist.

For example, Clickfunnels For Lawyers or Clickfunnels For Doctors… Clickfunnels for moms… etc.

Sell “Dating for 50 somethings”… sell what sells but with your own twist.  But, get busy selling something!

That is it, this is the fastest way to make 6 figures online, go and take action and with a year you will be able to reach this figure.




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