Paid Traffic Or Free Traffic Which One Is The Best For You

When you’re starting out the main question is what traffic is better for you? paid traffic or free traffic, in this post I am going to analyze both of them so that you can make an educated choice.

You have two choices

You got two choices, pay for traffic or get free traffic.  Free might sound like the best solution for you, but free = hard work.  There’s just no other way.  You are either going to work hard for traffic… or you are going to pay for it.

It breaks down like this:

Free traffic = work very very hard for traffic, but you don’t spend much at all.

Paid traffic = not as much work, but still some work, but you spend money on it.

So, maybe you are saying you’d still rather get free traffic instead of paying for it.  Ok, consider this:

You might need to wait months for that free traffic to actually make some money and have it in your bank account.

With paid traffic, you can pay someone money now, and in the next how you can get some traffic to your squeeze page and start to build your business.

Most people in this business (especially those who are new) just don’t have long-term thinking, they want to make a quick buck and instant gratification and that delay in gratification (results) can crush their focus, they call everything a scam and they quit.

If months pass by and you have grown tired of this, and are not getting results, it’s easy to quit and move on to the next shiny object.  However, if you drive traffic via paid traffic, you can start dialing in your conversions right away!

I’m convinced the main reason that most people fail at this business is that it takes a long time for them to make money online because they do not know how to drive traffic and convert it.  They are terrible at conversions and they can’t get traffic.  That’s it.

So, that means, all you have to do is get good at both and your imagination is really the limit.  There are so many ways to generate traffic that it gets very confusing fast.

I recommend you pick one way of driving traffic that meets you best, and stick to it and make it work.  Then, later, after you’ve made one traffic method work, add another method (avenue) of getting traffic.

In this blog, you will find different forms of getting traffic, but you need to pick one and stick to it.  Whichever traffic method you pick ( free or paid), I will recommend sticking with it for at least 3 months in order to determine if works for you or not.

When you start to see some results with it, you can scale it or you can add a new method.

Thank you for reading.


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