How to Build a Long Term Affiliate Marketing Business

The key secret of building a long term affiliate marketing business is to find the right products that you can recommend to your audience, in affiliate marketing the magic happens when you match the right product to the right audience.

The truth is that most affiliates will promote any product they find online with the aim of just making a quick back, this is not the right way to do it.

You need to find good affiliate products and if it is possible you will need to buy them and test them, this way you will be promoting something that you know will solve your audience’s problems.

The problem is, not all affiliate programs are created equal – and not all products are fit to build a long-term affiliate marketing business.

When picking affiliate products to promote for the long term you need to look for three things, let me break down what to look for when you’re searching for products of your own to promote in any niche.

#1: Look for Products with Recurring Commissions

Look at Netflix’s business model, they charge you around $10 per month, each and every month, that is the secret, you need to pay your bills each month, you need to get paid each month for the same service, it is that simple.

I know that promoting high ticket affiliate products will increase your profit. I know the feeling when you get paid $1000 from a single sale, that is amazing.

But the way to build a long-term affiliate marketing business is locking in those monthly, recurring commissions where you don’t need to continuously find new customers month in and month out.

In the make money online niche you can promote tools like Aweber and Clickfunnels and you will get paid monthly commissions every-time a member renews another month.

Since those are services that are needed to run a profitable online business most people will keep them, just make one sale, and get paid for many months to come.

While those commissions may be small, they compound over time like interest and can build into something sustainable versus a few flash-in-the-pan sales that are here today and gone tomorrow.

#2: Find affiliate products that complement each other

What does that mean?

Most affiliate marketers when they’re just getting started will find a few one-off products here and there that essentially do or teach the same thing.

Unfortunately, this means that you’re likely only to get one sale per subscriber.

However, if you find products that BUILD on one another then the same customer can purchase several products from you naturally, without having to sell them on this or that.

For example, If I have an audience that wants to build a successful blog, I will recommend them hosting, a domain name, WordPress theme, landing page builder, SEO course, even though are different products but they complement each other.

That means, one customer can buy ALL of their products and it not be redundant. You want the same thing in your business – find products that can complement each other in order to increase your customer’s AOV (Average Order Value).

#3: Find products with GREAT Customer Service

People miss this too often. They look at a product and judge it only if it sells well.

However, if you’re in this for the long-haul and you have selected products that hopefully your customers will renew, it’s imperative to find products that have a great retention rate so you can be sure your customers will stick around.

And the biggest factor of this I’ve seen is in the customer service category.

Make sure there’s a way for your customers to chat with the company’s rep 24/7 or quickly get a response when they’re sending an email.

In other words, treat your subscribers like clients – and you are the consultant advising on products you know, like, and trust.

Keep these three criteria in mind and you’re guaranteed to promote only the best possible products to grow your affiliate business long-term.


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