Hidden ClickBank Drawbacks

We all love Clickbank, I recommend it as a starting point for beginners, but as everything good in life, there are some drawbacks, here are hidden Clickbank drawbacks you should be aware of.

Hidden ClickBank Drawbacks

It is limited to some countries

Don’t waste your time reviewing Clickbank products if you live in a country that is not on Clickbank’s sign-up page approved list.

But the good news is the list in the drop-down menu, besides “where shall we send your checks”, is as long as your arm.

Clickbank has a long list of countries that are banned from using their network, most of the African countries led by Nigeria are on this list, also most Asian countries are not allowed to promote products from Clickbank.

The main conspiracy theory on this list is that they found out that most scams and fraudulent activities are from many of these countries, never seen the proof though.

One other thing you should know if you live in a country on ClickBank’s List: They don’t offer an affiliate payment option through PayPal. They do, however, wire money to 16 of the countries on their list.

The Secret Drain on your ClickBank Commission Payments

How often does the Clickbank payout commission? The simple answer is “every two weeks”. It will allow you to set your payout rate as low as $10 after you meet the initial requirements for that first payout (which can seem to take forever when you’re just getting started! – but there’s a hidden “drain potential” you need to be aware of.

Every time ClickBank sends out a check to you, it will deduct a $2.50 fee. You may decide it’s better to wait until you’ve built up a decent amount, instead of losing one-quarter of your commission, every single check, if your rate is set as to that minimum $10.

Set your rate at $100 – or $50, if you really can’t wait. After all, a 2.5% flat fee deducted from your earnings is much better than a 25% fee!

Are you Prepared for Holdbacks?

One advantage of being an affiliate, rather than a product seller – you don’t have to worry about other ClickBank fees. But one phenomenon you should be aware of is the “holdback”.

This occurs when the product seller decides to “hold back” a portion of your commission, usually to ensure that they can issue refunds, should the buyers you sent ask for a refund.

It’s more common to see this done if your checks are large – but smart marketers don’t mess with their money-producing affiliates.

The good news? Eventually, however, they do have to pay you the rate agreed on.

And the even better news?

If your commission checks are so big that your vendor has to hold back a portion, you know you’re really doing something right!

So those are the hidden Clickbank drawbacks you should be aware of in case you want to start making money from their affiliate platform. Other than that, it is a great platform to make some cash, especially for beginners.

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