Barriers to Affiliate Marketing Success and How to Overcome Them

I know many people who want to start an online business but they hesitate, many of these people really want to succeed but they found barriers that keep them from starting an online business, here are the main barriers to affiliate marketing success and how to overcome them.

Fear and Intimidation
Many people I know will tell me that ”I am intimidated by the technology; I’m not a technical person”.


No one was born technical savvy, we all had to learn how to do it, you can learn it too, it is not that hard, you just need to put some effort into learning it, if you do not want to learn it you can pay someone to do I for you, sites like, and many other have 1000’s of people who will do anything for you will very low cost.

You do not have money to pay for it and you do not want to learn it, cool, find someone who can do it, make them your partner in business.

I need to know more before I start

This is another reason why most people stay on the fence and never get started with anything in life, they want to know everything before they get started.

Here is my advice, just start, make mistakes, try stuff, and adjust, don’t get stuck in the “I need one more course, one more book, etc.” trap.

Imagine you want to go upstairs and you have to walk 100 stairs, you do not need to be able to see all of them in order to start going up, you just need to know in which stair you’re at and the next one, the rest does not matter, this is the same when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Just take one step at a time and you will be ok.

I don’t have enough time to do this

When I talk to my friends about starting affiliate marketing most of them will tell me that they do not have time, some of them because of the job, some of the kids, church, etc.


I am not going to tell you to quit your job while you are making $0 per day ( that is just stupid), or leave your kids unattended, I know those things are a must, here is my recommendation.

Start by doing small every day, you can start a youtube channel and dedicate two hours of each and every day, in one hour you can record a 3 to 5 minutes video, edit it and upload to Youtube.

You can free up your time by eliminating time-wasters like watching tv or Netflix, watching cat videos on youtube, or by getting up earlier than usual and do everything you need to get done before starting your normal daily job schedule.

For me, I used to work after finishing my 9 to 5 job, after that I will write emails, send traffic to my squeeze pages till late at night, after some time I started to see an improvement in traffic, subscribers, and income.

Final words

So those are the main barriers to affiliate marketing success and also I showed you how to overcome them. Which of those barriers stopped you from starting an affiliate marketing business or becoming successful in one? Let me know in the comment section below.

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